Devil’s Tools

What’s that old saying? Blissie Boucher asks, “Idle hands are the Devil’s tools.” That’s for sure! In her blog Gypsy Woman, Blissie talks about her experiences working with and around artists. She shares stories and insights about the Arts in Education. So sit down and give her a moment of your time here:


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Never stop giving

Never stop giving blood. I know we’re all talking about Hurricane Sandy and her devastation, but never stop. There are so many people who are ill who need blood, blood transfusions and blood for surgery. Blissie Boucher talks about all of these in her recent post on Gypsy Woman. Click here:

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The Cover-up Gets Exposed

Blissie Boucher is working on the story of Puppy Mills to give you all the right facts. Thanks to her blog, Gypsy Woman, she is delivering some great information on what works and what doesn’t for our canine friends. Adoption is the BEST solution. Click here for her full story:

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Had a difficult day? Walk it off!

Blissie Boucher of Gyspy Woman talks about the link between Exercise and Depression. It is the most natural way of fighting off all those difficult feelings that can consume your thoughts. Read more from her post at:

We will be checking on your progress sooner than you think! I better see some spinach eatin’ muscles when I get back!
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Children and Autism

Blissie Boucher of GYPSY WOMAN blog has laid out all the red flags that your child might have autism. Of course it’s very difficult to tell, and you will want to speak to a doctor. However, this is a good informative jumping off point. Concerned Bloggers Association is here to inform and maybe send you on your way better equipped with questions to ask the professionals. To see the full list, click here:

Stay tuned for more posts on Concerned Bloggers Association, this month’s topic is Autism Awareness.