Love the Pink

Guenevere DeCuir blogger of Crimson Flow wrote an amazing post on bullying the LGBT community. The statistics are saddening: “[LGBT] teens are two to three times as more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths.” How frightening is that? Guen’s post reveils more behind the stats… click here to read it:

Stay tuned to the Concerned Bloggers Association. We are all about the good lovin!


Break My Bones

Sian Pearl of parthenoid blog created this haunting image for the Concerned Bloggers Association. It’s been a trying week in the blogger world, and maybe even some bullying took place. Click here for the full blog post:

A week left in the March, which means some last minute posts on Bullying. Check back – often.

Mean Girls SUCK.

Paisley Mizin of OH MY STARS! gives some good recommendations about what to do if your daughter has problems with “mean girls” at school. It’s funny how girls will bother other girls in the social hierarchy – why can’t we support each other instead? If you’re daughter is having problems at school, click here to read more:

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Stop Cyber Bullying

Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys blogged about Cyber Bullying for Concerned Bloggers Association. It can take on many forms and she describes the different types. Be sure to check it out here:

Stay tuned for a blog post on “MEAN GIRLS” by another Concerned Blogger.

Fuck Workplace Bullies

Bellessima‘s Belle Marquis wrote about Workplace Bulllying. OMG! Talk about educating the masses! I bet so many of you out there have been bullied in your workplace without even realizing it! Belle shares her personal experience in this fantastic post. Check it out here:

Stay tuned for more information on Bullying from the Concerned Bloggers Association. We care. A lot.