Bleeding Hearts are the new Black.

Concerned Bloggers Association wants you to know that YOU ARE ALWAYS welcome! We are totally accepting of all Second Life avies from furries to goreans, child avies to half-ewes, ALL WALKS of AVIES are welcome. Just be a blogger, and we’ll have you as our own!


Contact Marleen Vaughan, in world, to find out more. I can also be reached via plurk, facebook or email:

We really would love to have you! Don’t be shy!


Get Your Swimmies ON!

Sian Pearl of parthenoid encourages you to put your swimmies on and take a dip! Not only is it low impact and good for all body types, but it is a FULL body workout! Check out her blog post here:

Next month we’re covering the difficult subject of AIDS.  As of 2010, 34 MILLION people were living with AIDS across the world. That is a devastating statistic and more reason to keep talking about it. Keep checking back here at Concerned Bloggers Association.

Dance: a language.

Guenevere DeCuir of Crimson Flow has written an inspiring blog post on the theories of DANCE. It’s more than body movement, it’s a language in itself. Let your body communicate to you in new words, read more here:

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Take Stock of your Health

How about your take stock of your health. This body is the only one you’ve got – let’s make sure it’s living the good life. Paisley Mizin of OH My Stars! asks some great questions to help YOU take stock. You can get the full Q&A here:

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Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys loves to move it! Whether you’re cleaning the house, going for a walk, or jogging – move your body! It will love you for it! You can read her full article here:

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