Sian gets the LAST WORD

Sian Pearl of PARTHENOID put the last word out for our Cancer Screenings month-long blog posts. Siting BBC’s Channel 4, she lays down the law. Self exams are best. Here’s a link to her story:

NEXT MONTH (ie tomorrow): We are going to cover Sexual Assault. This will be from work place sexual harassment to the new Federal definition of rape including MEN. Be on the look out for some excellent new bloggers who have joined our forces of good!


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What do you need to do?
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Peace, Love, and Hugs that last more than 30 seconds

Paisley Mizin strikes again!

If wit and charm were a person, that person would be Paisley Mizin. I just love her so much I would totally motorboat her – did I say too much? Her latest post on Oh My Stars! is for the Concerned Bloggers Association. She wrote about Breast Exams. It’s humorous, factual and full of delight. You can read the post here:

Check back again for scenes from the Concerned Bloggers Association!

Genetic Testing and other topics

Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke wrote a new post on cancer screening called Genetic Testing and other topics including: GAMBLING, SPIDERMAN, AND GANDALF THE WIZARD. That’s quite a title. Click here to read the full story:

Next month we will be covering Mental Illness. Not sure how or what, but we will be talking about it. Stay tuned for more information!

Lady Lumps, part deux

Here is the second part of Blissie Boucher‘s Lady Lumps! This part talked about education and what to expect while visiting the doctor’s office. Candid as ever, we love Miss Boucher’s tell-all photos and direct information. Click here for the full story:

Stay tuned for another round of Cancer Screening Articles from you friendly neighborhood Concerned Blogger!