My Dad Loves Polar Bears Too

Paisley Mizin loves Polar Bears. I mean, how could you not? They are HUGE, fluffy, and have those super endearing bear paws. Well, the Polar Bears are facing some serious climate problems. She talks about what’s going on in her blog, Oh My Stars!

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Giant Pandas are too fucking cute to be on the Endangered Animals List

With only a population of 1,600 in the wild, SpoiledRotten Mahogany reminds us that “cute” doesn’t always mean SAFE. In her blog, SPOILEDNFR3SH, she talks about the great lengths China is going through to bring back the panda, it’s national animal. Read her full post here:

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Fun for the Whole Family?

But at what cost to the animals? Paisley Mizin writes a post on circus tigers and the dangers of this transient population of performers. Check out the full post on Oh My Stars!

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3,500 Black Rhinos Left in the World

Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke writes a disturbing blog post on the Black Rhino, who is critically endangered animal. Siting poaching as the number one reason for the rhino’s plight, you can read the full entry here:

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Leatherback Sea Turtles

Anabelle Marquis writes about the Leatherback Sea Turtles for this month’s Concerned Bloggers Association post. It is amazing what people will do just to fuck. The leatherback’s eggs are stolen to be used as aphrodisiacs. What ever happened to a bottle of wine and some Marvin Gaye? To read more about the leatherbacks, click here:

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