One Little Boy..

Guenevere DeCuir of Crimson Flow blog talks about the little boy, Ryan White. Not only does she talk about Ryan went through contracting HIV through blood transfusions, but she share her personal story. Growing up in Indiana, and being surrounded by the media circus of his life and death. To read her full post, click here

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Find out TODAY: June 27th

TODAY, June 27th, is “Know your Status” HIV Testing Day. So what’s your status? Have you ever been tested? Everyone should be tested, says SpoiledRotten Mahogany! No matter your gender, race, or sexual preference – knowing your status can save your life. To read more, click here:

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Patti Smith Inspires HIV Community

Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke blog, posted the Memorial Song by Patti Smith. Please a click the link and give it a listen. It is often played at candle-light vigils, funerals, and community gatherings for HIV Awareness. To read the lyrics, click here:

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Life is Beautiful.

In honor of late Ray Bradbury, Paisley Mizin posts one of his poems “That Woman on the Lawn“. Haunting and eternal “And sometimes even still, late nights, I think I hear her soft tread on the sill…” Read the full poem here:

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HIV Prognosis

Co-Founder, Paisley Mizin, of Concerned Bloggers Association writes a post on the prognosis of HIV/AIDS patients. The outlook is good, but there are still concerns to be aware of: age, drug use, cell counts, viral loads, and more. Read her full post here:

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