One Parent’s Perspective

Guenevere DeCuir offers a parent’s perspective in her blog post “Children with Autism” on Crimson Flow. Guen interviews a parent of an autistic child and demonstrates the day to day tasks in this one family’s life. Please ready this eye-opening interview:

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Autism’s Get UP and GO!

Paisley Mizin of Oh My Stars! blog wrote a wonderful essay on Exercise and Autism. In the United States, 19% of children with autism are at risk of becoming overweight. There are so many benefits to exercising, check out her blog for more information:

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Autism Information in German!

Nana Negulesco of the nanascherrys blog has some great information links on Autism. Was ist Autismus? Das Problem scheint, wie so viele “neuere” Krankheitsbilder, zuzunehmen. Aus der “Experten-Sprechstunde Kinderkrankheiten” You can find out more information in GERMAN here:

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Lend a Teen a Hand

Know a teen with Asperger’s syndrome? Paisley Mizin offers up some great advice on how to help them out in social situations. You can read about it on her blog, Oh My Stars! Click here for the full story:

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Children and Autism

Blissie Boucher of GYPSY WOMAN blog has laid out all the red flags that your child might have autism. Of course it’s very difficult to tell, and you will want to speak to a doctor. However, this is a good informative jumping off point. Concerned Bloggers Association is here to inform and maybe send you on your way better equipped with questions to ask the professionals. To see the full list, click here:

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