Your Choice

Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke blog talks about Family Planning in developing nations. More than just a word for “abortion”, family planning allows women the right to education, advocacy, exams, contraception, and empowerment. To read more about her post, click here:


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What is your contraception of choice?

Most women it is the pill, but with new research on the effects of tampering with your hormone levels – maybe it’s time to change. Piedmont Cartauld talks about all the various types of Contraception women and men can choose from to prevent pregnancy. Check out the statistics here:


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It will happen whether you like it or not.

Kitti Wytchwood of If You Die in SL… blog writes about Family Planning. Here’s a UK perspective of the United States trying to outlaw abortion clinics. Kitti writes, “Whatever your personal opinions about abortion and sexual rights, we have to accept that they are just that – our personal opinions – and by banning these things, or making them taboo and dirty, we are simply making it difficult for people in potentially horrendous situations to get the help they need.” Well said. You can read her full post here:


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