Moms Against Graphic Design

SpoiledRotten Mahogany writes about her relationship with her mother over the arts. Not seen as a practical way of spending her time, as a young child, Spoiled revolved became a graphic designer. You can read about her post here:


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The 9th Hour

Nearly 1 million people worldwide commit suicide each year, with anywhere from 10 million to 20 million suicide attempts annually.” says SpoiledRotten Mahogany. Her focus this month is on Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Concerned Bloggers Association. Click here to read her full story:


If you are in crisis and need help right away, call this toll-free number, available 24 hours a day, every day: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a service available to anyone. You may call for yourself or for someone you care about. All calls are confidential.

44,000 blood donations every 2 seconds

In the U.S. every two seconds someone needs blood and more than 44,000 blood donations are needed every day.” That is a whole lot of blood. Spoiled Mahogany writes her in blog, SpoilednFr3sh, about why giving blood is SO important. You can read the full post here and find out how to qualify for giving blood:

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20% of All Adults

UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) estimates that twenty percent of all adults, or 774 million are not literate.” says Concerned Blogger SpoiledRotten Mahogany of SpoilednFr3sh blog. Read more about her post here:

Stay tuned for a new topic in November. We’re covering Blood Donation at the Concerned Bloggers Association!

Yorkshire Terror Carjacks Willing Victim

SpoiledRotten Mahogany wasn’t really carjacked by this totally cute puppy. She adopted him! Spoiled goes on to talk about Puppy and Kitten Mills in the U.S. You can read her full post here:

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