Arts is the hero in this story

I can’t imagine a life untouched by drama, art, poetry and music and, thankfully, I don’t have to” says Chiana Oh of Cheep&ChiChi. Miss Oh talks about her life with arts and how much good it has done! You can read her beautiful post here:


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Kaiser Chiefs might be onto something

..the work of Education Minister Michael Gove who is, by any sane reckoning, a colossal gaping asshole, to be comparable.” To quote Sian Pearl of Parthenoid blog. I believe this quote speaks for itself. If you wanna check out her full post, click here:


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Language of the Heart

Sian Pearl is back with Concerned Bloggers after a brief sabbatical. In her latest parthenoid post she talks about her love of Poetry. Check out her list of favorite poets and read a poem by Edgar Allan Poe:

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Life is Beautiful.

In honor of late Ray Bradbury, Paisley Mizin posts one of his poems “That Woman on the Lawn“. Haunting and eternal “And sometimes even still, late nights, I think I hear her soft tread on the sill…” Read the full poem here:

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