Lisbeth will break your heart…

The break out hit book of 2011 – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – is STILL an amazing book. If you haven’t read it, Lisbeth Salander the female protagonist will definitely break your heart. She might also break something else, despite her tiny frame she is a well-trained boxer. Read Paisley Mizin‘s thoughts on the our girl here:

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Love bossy women? Click here.

Bossy yet unfailingly dutiful and loyal to her friends” – that is Hermione Granger according to Paisley Mizin of Oh My Stars! blog. This month she explores some of the great fiction female heroes! You can read all the traits that Paisley loves about the Harry Potter character here:

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Let’s get down to basics…

Shall we? Let’s review some simple facts about Pet Adoption from Paisley Mizin. There is a lot to consider when you are bringing home a new furry friend into your family. You can review the facts here:

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Let’s imagine something..

Paisley Mizin of Oh My Stars! blog posts on Puppy Mills. “Can you imagine forcing your pet dog to live his or her entire life in a small wire cage..” I know I can’t. To read her full post, click here:

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Frightening Dreams

Learn about something new: Nightmare Disorder. Paisley Mizin offers up some information on the haunting mental illness that terrorizes you in your dreams. To read her full post, click here:

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