Art Through The Ages

Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys talks about art and how it brought her family together. Seeing her grandfather’s photos from World War II… You can read her post here and learn more about Nana’s perspective on life and ART:


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Assisted Suicide: you be the judge

Nana Negulesco writes a controversial post about Assisted Suicide for this months Concerned Bloggers Association. You can read the full story here and judge for yourself:


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In Deutschland

In Deutschland ist das gut organisiert und wir bekommen sogar kleine Geschenke wenn man spendet. I habe schon gespendet und würde es immernoch tun, weil ich denke, dass es wichtig ist ein Teil dieser Sache zu sein…

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Sind Sie depressiv?

Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys blog offers up some German information on Depression. Focus magazine offers up a small test to see if you might have some of the symptoms of depression. Click here to read the full post:

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Top 10 List of BAD

Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys blog as offered up the complete top ten list of most endangered animals around the world. With links to added information, this is an excellent source for learning more about our friends who share the earth with us:

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