Cats Need Love Too

Guen DeCuir of Crimson Flow blog is not a big fan of Sarah McLachlan. Her tear-jerking commercials on TV are so upsetting, but the truth is sometimes painful to see. Kitten Mills are just as prominent as Puppy Mills. Guen talks about her two rescues and how they are the apple of her eye. Read the full story here:

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Soldiers & Citizens

There are a lot of soldiers coming home from war. Guen DeCuir talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how this might be effecting your loved ones. She offers up some of the major symptoms of PTSD  and maybe what you can do to help. Click here for the full story:

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Arachnids need love too!

As of 2012, 19 different species of Spiders are listed as Endangered worldwide. Most of these are either indigenous to India or the United States.” says Guen DeCuir of the blog Crimson Flow. I can’t believe it myself! Check out her full post on spiders here:

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One Little Boy..

Guenevere DeCuir of Crimson Flow blog talks about the little boy, Ryan White. Not only does she talk about Ryan went through contracting HIV through blood transfusions, but she share her personal story. Growing up in Indiana, and being surrounded by the media circus of his life and death. To read her full post, click here

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Dance: a language.

Guenevere DeCuir of Crimson Flow has written an inspiring blog post on the theories of DANCE. It’s more than body movement, it’s a language in itself. Let your body communicate to you in new words, read more here:

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