Art Through The Ages

Nana Negulesco of Nana’s Cherrys talks about art and how it brought her family together. Seeing her grandfather’s photos from World War II… You can read her post here and learn more about Nana’s perspective on life and ART:


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Kaiser Chiefs might be onto something

..the work of Education Minister Michael Gove who is, by any sane reckoning, a colossal gaping asshole, to be comparable.” To quote Sian Pearl of Parthenoid blog. I believe this quote speaks for itself. If you wanna check out her full post, click here:


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David Cameron says “hi.”

Kitti Wytchwood writes about her love of the theater! She has her degree in the Visual Arts in the United Kingdom and has only inspiration to draw from her work. “SAVE THE ARTS. Encourage your children. Petition the local schools. Write to David Cameron.” I’m sure Mr. Cameron would love that! You can read her full story here:


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Empower your Children

Anabelle Marquis writes about empowering your child with the arts. The Arts in Education is a gateway to opportunity for students. Belle quotes statistics and offers up some useful website on how you can start bringing the arts into your life. Read more here:


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Devil’s Tools

What’s that old saying? Blissie Boucher asks, “Idle hands are the Devil’s tools.” That’s for sure! In her blog Gypsy Woman, Blissie talks about her experiences working with and around artists. She shares stories and insights about the Arts in Education. So sit down and give her a moment of your time here:


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