Sold to the nearest Sucker…

Anabelle Marquis has a great post on Puppy Mills at her blog, Bellessima. She talks about the conditions the animals have to suffer through in order to be sold to the nearest sucker that can afford them. To read her full post, click here:

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The Cover-up Gets Exposed

Blissie Boucher is working on the story of Puppy Mills to give you all the right facts. Thanks to her blog, Gypsy Woman, she is delivering some great information on what works and what doesn’t for our canine friends. Adoption is the BEST solution. Click here for her full story:

Check back throughout the month for more stories on Puppy Mills. Concerned Bloggers Association is all over that shit.

Si me caigo

Una nueva entrada de blog acerca de Puppy Mills fue escrito por Iron Martinek. Ella le da nueve razones para no comprar un perro de su centro comercial local. En su lugar, adopta a tu perro de una agencia. Para leer más, haga click aquí:

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She said it best! WOO HOO!

Cheep & ChiChi

So if you’ve been following my blog for a little while you may have noticed that once a month I throw in something different to the usual fashion posts. As much as I love all things Second Life, I sometimes want the opportunity to sound off about other things that are occupying my thoughts – and that’s why I love the Concerned Bloggers Association!

The group is fab and friendly and made me feel instantly welcome – I love it! I think you’ll love it, too, so why not come join us? We have a HQ, coffee, cookies and lots of hugs and laughter.

Every month an information pack on the chosen subject gets sent out full of facts and figures to support your statements; how you write about the topic is totally up to you. Last month, for Mental Health Awareness, I wrote quite a personal story…

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Cruella de Vil

Chiana Oh sports the Cruella de Vil costume to get your attention. Her blog, Cheep & ChiChi, offers up some valuable information on Puppy Farms (the UK version of Puppy Mills). This includes a video, links and some great advice. To check out her post, click here:

More information is coming from the Concerned Bloggers Association on Puppy Farms. Stick around.