Cell Phones are evil.

Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke delivers an unapologetic opinion about cell phones and how they impede you from the joys of life – like Exercise. It doesn’t all have to be heavy weights and step classes, you can enjoy and play – even as an adult. Click here for the full story: http://coffeesmoke.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/cellphonessuck/

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One thought on “Cell Phones are evil.

  1. Cell phones kill. It is proven that the technology used in cell phones and smart meters alters glucose functions in living cells and probably can affect protein folding as well as DNA replication. RF Electromagnetic fields alters the electric activity of the cell in neurons. And since you didn’t know about cell phones, you probably don’t know about smart meters either. Lawyers and politicians and engineers should not be making the decisions about cell phones nor should they be allowed to force smart meters on the world population. The vast majority of people don’t know about the effects of cell phones and smart meters and they need to be informed.“Disconnect” by Devra Davis PhD is a beautifully written book, very informative and you don’t need to be biology major to enjoy it. http://www.disconnectbook.com/
    There has been a steady stream of reports of possible health risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields and MW/Rf (microwave/ radiofrequency) radiation from power substations, high voltage lines and microwave towers. Now the government is claiming that since we aren’t all dead that they can add more EMFs. After all, we’re stupid enough to use cell phones and wireless gadgetry…so they think they have a right to force more wireless on us…
    Smart Meters are radio transmitters, sending radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF) signals from both electric and gas meters. The electric meter has two transmitters. One RF signal is sent directly into your home (or business), and the other to a neighborhood data collector, which could be located on a lamppost, telephone pole, building or a home. Homes will also be used as repeaters for neighborhood RF signals.”
    Sent directly into your home! This is an invasion of privacy; a system to spy on you inside your home to detect what you are doing and when and how many times. Any change in pattern uses for any reason could elicit a home inspection invasion to discern just what you are doing.
    Today, everyone is exposed to more and more microwave fields from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi and wireless utility meters. Most people will say, ho-hum, so what? But some people are getting sick from them. And every cell in everyone’s body is affect by them whether they immediately get sick or whether it just causes mutations to build up so they die of cancer around retirement age (the government would be better off if those old non-productive people die anyway). The world population has to say not to this very invasive advanced metering infrastructure and smart grid and appliances. Appliance manufacturers have been working with utilities and other technology vendors for capabilities enabled by smart appliances. It is relatively easy to produce a home appliance that can utilize two-way communications to interact with energy management systems…Smart Appliances Connected to Smart Meter wirelessly like a cell phone is connected wirelessly to a cell phone tower (smart meter)…. smart metering will turn every single appliance into the equivalent of a transmitting cell phone, and this at a time when public concern about the safety of exposure to the radiofrequency radiation (RF) of wireless technologies is on the rise. Heads up: that’s every dishwasher, microwave oven, stove, washing machine, clothes dryer, air conditioner, furnace, refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker, and TV, computer, printer, and fax machine.
    The average home has over 15 such appliances, each of which would be equipped with a transmitting antenna. While older models can be retrofitted,

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